Ozark Opportunities, Inc. has announced that the Summer Non-Emergency and Emergency Energy Assistance Programs will begin Monday, July 13, 2020. This Program’s goal is to assist low-income households cope with the high costs of electricity used for cooling their homes. This is a one-time assistance payment per program per year. The programs will run through September 30, 2020, or until funds have been exhausted. 

All applicants must provide identification and proof of income for all household members for the month prior to application. A copy of electric, propane, and/or natural gas bills is also required. Other information may be requested at the time of application. Please apply in the county in which you live.

Once programs have started, applications can be downloaded, completed and uploaded, or printed from the Ozark Opportunities, Inc. website: www.ozarkopp.org under the Community Services, Utility Assistance Section. Applications may also be obtained from take-one boxes located at our administrative building, outreach offices, via fax, mail or email.

Although Non-Emergency assistance does not require an appointment, all other services do. Applicants for the Non- Emergency Program can mail in or drop off their applications at the addresses listed below. For all other programs, please call to schedule an appointment. Appointments will be conducted by phone or by video.

In Newton County, see Rebecca /Tammy at 506 West Court, Jasper, only open on Tuesdays 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. or call 870-446-2222 or 870-741-2089, Fax:8 70-741-2090.

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