LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan has been elected to two national treasury organizations in the past month. Milligan was elected Vice President of the State Financial Officers Foundation in September, and was chosen by his peers on Monday to serve the National Association of State Treasurers as Southern Region Vice President.

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with financial leaders across the nation to advocate for sound financial policies among our states,” Milligan said. “Fiscal responsibility is a passion of mine, and I’m hopeful that I can bring some of our innovative mindset from Arkansas to the national arena.”

Milligan was elected in 2014 and oversees the state’s $4 billion investment portfolio. Since taking office in 2015, he has receipted the state more than $300 million in investment receipts and has grown the state’s investment returns to the highest level in a decade.

Based in Washington, D.C., the National Association of State Treasurers is an advocacy group that promotes sound financial policies among state financial officials. Milligan was elected to serve the organization at its annual conference on earlier this week, and will serve throughout the remainder of calendar year 2020.

The State Financial Officers Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that promotes fiscal responsibility and connects fiscal leaders with private-sector companies nationwide. It is based in Kentucky. Milligan’s term with that organization runs through the end of fiscal 2020.

“Being elected to these two organizations is an honor,” Milligan said. “It’s an honor to serve as Arkansas’ Treasurer of State, and it will be a privilege to advocate for policies that Arkansans believe in on the national level.”

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