At Pine Bluff High School, art teacher Shalisha Thomas is known for broadening her students’ horizons, but not in her wildest imagination would she have expected to receive Arkansas’ 2019-20 Milken Educator Award, and leave school today $25,000 richer.

But that’s exactly what happened when Thomas and her colleagues gathered for an all-school assembly this morning helmed by Arkansas Department of Education Secretary Johnny Key. Halfway in, Milken Family Foundation Senior Program Director Greg Gallagher was introduced to reveal that there was a surprise in store – then joined with Key to present Thomas with the prestigious national honor.

Thomas is the only Arkansas recipient of the Award for the 2019-20 school year and among up to 40 educators nationwide to receive the recognition this season.

“Through art, Shalisha Thomas helps her students activate their senses, expand their imaginations, think critically and assert their voices,” said Gallagher. “These skills are critical to preparing young people for success in school and life. I commend Shalisha on the richness she brings to her students’ lives, and look forward to her contributions to the national Milken Educator Network.”

Hailed by Teacher magazine as the “Oscars of Teaching,” the Milken Educator Awards celebrate, elevate and activate the American teaching profession and inspire young, capable people to join it. The Milken Educator Award is not designated for lifetime achievement. Recipients are heralded while early to mid-career for what they have achieved — and for the promise of what they will accomplish given the resources and opportunities inherent in the Award. “I want to congratulate Ms. Thomas on being named a Milken Educator," Key said. "Not only are her contributions to her students and fellow educators outstanding, her efforts to promote art awareness and education extend beyond school walls and into the community. Ms. Thomas demonstrates the essential need for students to embrace art education in an effort to be well-

rounded and prepared for life beyond high school. I congratulate Ms. Thomas on achieving this honor — one of the highest available to teachers — and look forward to seeing her future accomplishments.”

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