Hello everyone. I write maybe once a month. There's so much happening and going on. We're so sad we lost our pastor, David Edgmon to cancer. His funeral is Monday. He would come to church even when he wasn't able. We'll miss him and his family singing specials.

I went to the cemetery today to remove some flowers off Garnet's grave. I miss him, his calls. We had good laughs every time we talked. Hello to Jimmy Murray in Wichita. He's Alta Fern Breedlove's uncle. He told her to tell me to get back on my job (writing the news). My cousin Juin Robinson from Wichita also called me today. We had a good visit. James Ham, my brother-in-law, is getting better after his back surgery, but he had to put his wife in assisted living for his healing time. His boys are deer hunters (His grandsons) so their dad, Danny, bought a farm. A hundred plus acres, so they would have their own land to hunt on. They live in Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Sympathy to the Reddell family. I went with Sonny and Faye to the visitation. Krista is Faye's niece. Get-well wishes to Imogene Hicks. She's been down for a while.

Guess everyone is ready for some sunshine. Patrick, my grandson, had his tonsillectomy. He's doing good so far. I never see my little great-granddaughters. Their dad works all the time. He's a deputy in Benton County. I sure don't want her traveling with those babies alone. Too much menace going on. My little garden looks very sick. I'm forgetting it. Donna, Garnet's friend who took care of him while he was sick, stopped by the other day. She had been to the cemetery.

Our young people from our association have all gone to Bible camp this week. I think they have 95 kids attending this year! I don't know any other news, so I'll sign off. Pray for our sick folks and all who lost family members. Have a good week

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