Hello again Family & Friends in and from Newton County.

My heart is heavy today. My brother, Roy's, grandson passed away.  Randy Collins  of Sonoma, California, age 48, passed away unexpectedly  at the home of his father. He was preceded in death by paternal grandparents, Roy  and Euna (Breedlove) Collins, a sister, Kristi  Collins. He is survived by his father, Gary Collins, of Sonoma; his mother, Charlotte Collins, of Vallejo, California; a son, Gary Collins, of Marysville, California; a daughter, Gina  and two brothers, Mark Collins and Jonathan Collins,  Uncle,  Jim  Collins and wife, Susan of El Sobrante, California;  nieces and nephews, and former wife, mother of his son, DeAnna Borgesson, of Marysville. Love & prayers for my family.

My sister, Arnnie Shullick, of Lorain, Ohio, has tested positive for COVID-19, but hasn't displayed any symptoms, yet. Our granddaughter, Kendra Ramsey, of Oklahoma City, has been ill with COVID-19  for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, she hasn't had to be hospitalized. Seth and I received our first COVID-19 vaccine yesterday, and will get the other one on Feb. 5.

Seth took me out for breakfast this morning, which was nice. We don't go too many places, just try to stay close to home. We went to Freeman Hospital in Joplin yesterday where Seth had a cardioversion. He said he slept like a baby last night, maybe some of the anesthesia was still in his body. Medical care here in Grove leaves much to be desired. We wind up in Joplin for any specialty service.

I spoke to my friend, Carolyn (Cowell) Lindbergh, of Pueblo, Colorado, this morning. She and Gene are doing well and are back home after spending several weeks in Florida.

I enjoyed the pictures on facebook from the snow in Newton County. We received about one inch!  Disappeared overnight.  

Love and hugs to Laura Carney in the death of her sister, Dorothy Brown. Also, to Lavern Baughman in the death of her sister, Erma Jean. Jean and I had a lot of good times together. Great memories for me.

Until next time, God bless and "Happy Trails to You."

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