Happy June birthdays to: Doyle Carney and his daughter Rachel, Alan Davis, Cathy Daniels, James Heffley and Katilyn Courser, Steve Isley, Britney Little, Ronnie and Wayne King, Jesse Martin, Nicole Martin, Amy Matlock, Tachia McCutcheon, Roger Ogden, Troy Plumlee, Shelia Reynolds, Rachel Rocole and Calvin Turner. Happy belated birthday to Barbara Watson and Donnie Willis the last of May!

Happy Anniversary to; Becky and Jeff Brasel, James and Kaye Heffley, Clayton and Samantha Heffley, and Kayla and Len Waters. Kenya and Nathan Windel on May 30, also last of May were Sherry and David Dodson and Craig and Sarah Martin!

We enjoyed boat riding with Jesse Martin and family. He has been working on the pontoon adding beautiful handmade wooden tables with Razorback emblem in center made by Mr Kelly, friend at Tech. Ryan and Cristan Martin is enjoying taking the girls to the creek and working the garden This summer, Skyli and Chloi Martin visited with Alicia Speck and family and enjoyed cooking out, and Rocky and Elana are blessed to still be working during this pandemic. Johnny and I are playing caught up with all our doctors appointments that were put out due to lockdown! Travis and Loreshia Heffley and our grands camped out with the Heffley’s on Piney. I think the rains sent them back home early. Johnny and I did get to see our children on Mother’s Day and we also met with all my siblings at our parents cemetery! It had been over two months since we’d been together.

Doyle Carney 90th birthday celebration was changed to their home because of the COVID-19 possibility. We sure send him birthday blessings and good health too! We have many friends who call and check on us regularly; Bruce and Debbie Wilburn, Jean and Dennis Brasel, Laurel and Ken Woodard and Johnny’s buds Often check on him; Rocky Martin, Houston Mooney, Kenny King and Bob Ramsey. We enjoyed seeing our church family again last Sunday and I must say, “It felt good to be in the house of the Lord!”

We extend our deepest sympathies to all the family and friends of Lynn Carl Middleton and Eugene David. They both lived here mostly all their lives and icons in our communities! They will certainly be missed! We are Praying for all who are sick and special healing for those battling cancer and other chronic illnesses!

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