LITTLE ROCK — Governor Asa Hutchinson today, in conjunction with Elizabeth Smith, Secretary-Designate of the Department of Inspector General, announced Leon Jones as the new executive director of the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission. Jones, the former director of the Arkansas Department of Labor, will replace Carol Johnson, who has served as executive director of the commission for the past 14 years.

Director Johnson will step down as executive director of the commission on June 30. Jones will assume the role on July 1.

Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“Leon has been an integral part of my administration from day one, and he has served the state well for the past four years as the director of the Arkansas Department of Labor. Today, I’m delighted to announce that he will be the new executive director for the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission. Leon’s background in the housing sector, in addition to his experience as an attorney and small-business owner, will serve him and the people of Arkansas well in this new role.

“I also want to thank Carol Johnson for her nearly two decades of service to our state, including the last 14 years she’s served as the executive director of the Fair Housing Commission. I want congratulate her on her new opportunity, and I wish her the best in all future endeavors.”

Jones issued the following statement:

“It is with pleasure that I am accepting the assignment as executive director of the Arkansas Fair Housing Commission. I have been working in the housing arena since 2007, where I served as a Commissioner of the Fayetteville Housing Authority until 2014. I look forward to the opportunity to get back into a space where I have a passion, and I look forward to working with Secretary-Designate Smith.

“I thank the Governor for the opportunity to have served for four-and-a-half years as Director of the Arkansas Department of Labor. It has been a great learning experience, and I have established many great relationships.”

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