Governor declares September Hunger Action Month

Governor Asa Hutchinson signed a proclamation declaring September Hunger Action Month. The Governor presented the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance with this proclamation in the Governor's Conference Room the morning of September 9, 2019. Kathy Webb, executive director for the Alliance, thanked Governor Hutchinson for his support in "working together to continue knocking out hunger." In attendance were several Alliance partners including Arkansas Foodbank, the Food Bank of North Central Arkansas, AT&T, UAMS, and others.

"We are blessed in Arkansas in terms of good partnerships, tackling tough issues in our state. A growing economy is important for food security," said Governor Hutchinson. He pointed out that we never know when that may change, and the work of groups like the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and food banks across our state are even more important in economic downturns.

The Alliance offers many programs that encourage healthy eating habits, such as Cooking Matters courses where participants learn how to prepare healthy meals on a budget. The Governor touched on the importance of encouraging healthy eating. "Healthy Active Arkansas is a very important initiative for our state," said Governor Hutchinson, "both in terms of what we consume but also in our exercise. This is an important precedence. Whenever you have food insecurity it leads to bad eating habits, as well as bad health problems."

With 1 in 4 children in our state experiencing food insecurity, it is important to continue growing efforts to connect families with healthy food. The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and food banks across the state are promoting hunger awareness throughout the month of September. Those interested in volunteering or donating can contact the Alliance by emailing to find more information and get involved.

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