Hello again, Family & Friends in and from Newton County.

The weather here today is absolutely perfect. Not cold, not hot. However, we did spend some time in the storm shelter this week.

I spoke with Ruby (Reynolds) Harris via facebook. She said there were 30 or 40 people at the Shiloh decoration. They had their dinner as usual in the Fellowship Hall and really enjoyed their time together. She was accompanied by her daughter, Beverly. On the way home they experienced automobile problems and had to leave the car in Kingston. Her son picked them up.

I talk to my sister, Winnie, of Weatherford, Texas almost every day. She is doing great for her almost 92 years. She really hates the humidity in Texas after living in the Bay Area of California since she was 14 years old. She corresponds with Ida (Thomsas) Edwards of Springdale and really looks forward to Ida's letters.

Seth has had the Shingles and been most miserable. He also has a bacterial infection so we are going to the hospital in a few moments to get a C.T. scan. Hope it is a simple fix.

He misses fishing and hasn't even been down to the dock in over two months.

We have a new great-grandson. His name is Lakodan Michael Ramsey and he is totally wonderful! His big sister, Kylie, thinks he is just great. PaPa and I haven't even seen him yet except in pictures.

Hello to my sister, Arnnie, in Lorain, Ohio, who has become the world's worst correspondent as of late.

With the lock-down etc., it is very quiet in our little corner of the world. Until next time, God bless, and "Happy Trails to You."

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