Cornerstone Bank has announced they will be shortening their name to CS Bank, pending regulatory approval from the Arkansas State Bank Department. The decision to shorten the legal name is a strategic decision to avoid confusion as the bank continues to expand into other markets. The ownership of the bank, the bank’s board, executive team, employees and locations are remaining unchanged. The Cornerstone Diamond will continue to be a prominent and identifiable part of the bank’s refreshed brand. 

Last fall, Cornerstone Bank purchased property with the intent to build a new banking facility in Cassville, Missouri. The new branch in Cassville is anticipated to open late winter of this year under the shortened name and will add yet another location for customers to conduct bank business.

Charles T. Cross, CEO, Cornerstone Bank, stated, “As much as we value the equity of our existing name, another bank operates under that name in Missouri, which limits our ability to move forward with our current name. To avoid potential consumer confusion, the bank’s legal name is changing to CS Bank, a shortened version of our current name. Additionally, the bank’s two subsidiaries, Cornerstone Home Mortgage and Cornerstone Investment Services, will also be shortening their name to CS Home Mortgage and CS Investment Services. This change will position us for continued growth in and beyond Northwest Arkansas and Missouri without restrictions. Customers can expect to see the shortened name in the branding when we open in Cassville, with the name gradually being introduced in the Arkansas markets. As a result, customers may see both brands in the upcoming months.” Cross went on to say, “The bank anticipates completing the changes in Arkansas by the first of next year.”

So what changes for Cornerstone Bank customers? “Nothing,” stated Cross. “The only thing we are refreshing is what we call ourselves. Although, we will soon have a shortened name, the bank’s ownership will not change and our customer’s will continue to correspond with the same dedicated staff they’ve come to know and trust. It’s business as usual for Cornerstone customers. We are committed to our client base and the relationships we have built through the years. We are excited about the next chapter for our bank as we grow and provide more convenience and better services to all of our markets.”

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