Staying home for nine weeks is getting to some people. Wearing masks seems like it isn’t worthwhile to some and they are just not caring to follow through with this. I have been proud of our little state of Arkansas doing such a good job of avoiding too many deaths. Having empathy for those who have lost family and/or friends makes me want to continue wearing a mask when out in public.

I am sorry we have become a nation of immature citizens thinking we are not going to be made to follow advice by wearing masks or staying off the beaches, etc. Seeing people carrying guns, yelling obscenities and threatening their governor makes me sad! When a group becomes a mob terrible things can develop. It is like if someone breaks the law or goes too far, then others made you do it! We don’t have to be guilty of the aggression since everyone is doing it! I have taught school long enough to have seen kids do this kind of thing. They were kids, not adults!

I have been following a Facebook group dealing with birds. It is interesting to see the different colors of birds that seem to be the same bird but is different due to climate (my guess). Of course, some of the birds live in swamps, marshes, mountains with snow or not, oceans, lakes, etc. One of the rules of the group is you need to tell where you took the pictures, such as, what state or town. I love to see what kind of feeders they have and what kind of food they put in them. I also like to see bird houses, too.

Another site I enjoy is View from my Window. It is good to let people know where you took your pictures. The views are from all around the globe. Lovely!

Of course, I am still watching the waterfalls of Arkansas, wild flowers, and the Buffalo River pictures and comments. The worst thing about all those great sites, it takes up lots of time checking them out!

They are cutting into my reading time and even housekeeping chores. Oh dear!

Arkansas is such a beautiful state and spring and early summer really decorate it up with flowers, gardens, grass and leaves. The rivers are flowing with so much water coming down from the heavy clouds. Beaver Lake is letting water out at the dam because it is so full and the rivers are at flood stages with the so much rain. Floater have to really watch the water levels so they know where they can put in. The tourist will be able to join in once the virus has slowed down.

Stay home, stay safe. It won’t be forever and we can save lives in Arkansas by being patient.

Jeff Dezort, Newton County Times editor, has worked at the newspaper since 2001. Before that he was a reporter, photographer and assistant editor of the Harrison Daily Times.

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