$14,000 to nursing students’ testing

North Arkansas College president Dr. Randy Esters (from left); Scott Tennyson, Community Bank president; Dr. Rodney Arnold, Northark vice president of institutional advancement; (back) Larry Phillips, branch sales manager-H

Every year as nursing students prepare to graduate from North Arkansas College, they take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to earn their nursing license. Usually, they face covering the $200 testing fee and other certification fees out of their own pocket, but this year they are getting extra support. Arvest Foundation has donated $14,000 to pay for the licensure and certification exams of all 160 spring 2020 nursing graduates.

Exams are costly for college students at any time, but especially now that the pandemic has caused hardships and long hours for healthcare professionals.

“This year has undoubtedly proven the value of our healthcare professionals and local healthcare systems,” states Scott Tennyson, Arvest Community Bank president. “This donation allows us to simultaneously invest in our community and our future. We are proud to support all the Northark nursing graduates of 2020.”

Many of the nursing graduates fill positions at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center. “NARMC is excited to see this opportunity for the nurses in our community” said Robby Scucchi, director of branding, volunteers, and guest experience. “NARMC is proud to employ the exceptional students that are graduates of North Arkansas College nursing programs. The year 2020 has been dedicated as the year of the nurse by the World Health Organization, and it is with great pride and honor we say thank you to each of you for choosing to serve our community through healthcare. Congratulations to these amazing graduate nurses, and thank you to Arvest for supporting the profession of nursing in our community!”

The donation was well-received by the students who were very thankful. “To help these students with their first step into the health care field during this unsteady time is to be admired,” commented Dr. Rodney Arnold, executive director of the No

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