I so hope you watched the space craft lift off on Saturday afternoon. A great number of the Jasper students of the 60’s watched from the study hall each time a rocket was launched. There was a small TV setting on the edge of the stage where we could see all the activity going on. Just think, we watched the SpaceX Falcon 9, carrying the NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken aboard the Dragon crew capsule heading to dock with the International Space Station fifty years later! We are going to have some exciting things to watch as the next steps are taken to advance our trip to Mars. The next step is to send the first of three missions to Mars. There is a three week window starting July 17 for the astrobiology trips with the first one named Perseverance.

Our nation is dealing with how we treat each other. As we know this isn’t a new problem. When I taught school the kids in my class were worried about all the people moving into our area from other countries. I told them to look around the classroom and decide how we felt about the kids in our class. They liked each other because they knew each other. So many times we don’t like other people because we don’t know them. We mistrust them and find when we meet them and get to know them they become our friends! Treat others like you want to be treated!

Be sure to wear your mask, keep your distance, and remember there are many people who need food. Think good thoughts! Have a good week!

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