Buffalo National River and Buffalo National River Partners (BNRP) are pleased to announce the BNRP 50th Anniversary Celebration Logo Contest.

In 2022, Buffalo National River will be celebrating its 50th year of protecting the rich natural and cultural history, and recreational opportunities of the area. These unique opportunities come together to establish Buffalo National River as a gem of the National Park System. The 50th anniversary celebration will pay tribute to the natural scenic beauty that inspired early conservationists to support the protection of Buffalo River and that continues to inspire visitors today. It will honor the relationships between the park and surrounding communities, as well as recognize the special role that the river plays for the many visiting individuals and families who seek recreation, adventure, rejuvenation, and solitude.

In anticipation of Buffalo National River’s 50th anniversary in 2022, park partner, BNRP, is holding a logo contest as an opportunity for the public to submit their original design ideas for a new Buffalo National River logo. The winner of the contest will receive $1,000 prize money, provided by BNRP, and their art work will be featured on a variety of educational publications and merchandise. Design submissions can be entered until April 30th, 2020. Contest rules and entry forms are located on the BNRP website, at https://bnrpartners.org/logocontest.

To keep informed about the planning for the celebration of the 50th anniversary please look to the Buffalo National River Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/buffnatlriver/

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