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Northark homecoming Saturday


North Arkansas College (Northark) will crown a 2024 king and queen to preside over the homecoming festivities set for this Saturday, February 3, in Pioneer Pavilion. The Pioneer’s will host Crowder College. The Homecoming ceremony will be held at 1:30 P.M. before the Lady Pioneer’s game.
The first Homecoming maid is Emma Blankenship from Valley Springs. Emma is the daughter of Clint Blankenship and Vicky Carter Flud and represents the Agriculture Club. She is a freshman majoring in Agri Business and plans to transfer to Arkansas Tech University to obtain her bachelor’s degree. Emma enjoys farming and riding horses. She currently serves as the secretary for the Northark Collegiate Farm Bureau and as the reporter for the Newton County Cattlemen’s Association. Emma’s biggest influence is her grandpa, Jim Carter. “He is always supportive of me and inspires me to be the best person I can be,” Emma said. When asked what being a Northark Pioneer means to her, she answered: feeling a sense of belonging, of being accepted, respected, and valued by others on campus. Caleb Usrey will escort Emma.
Caleb Usrey is the son of Christie and Byron Usrey and is from Alpena, AR. Caleb will represent the Agri Club. He is a sophomore majoring in Agri Business and plans to work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He enjoys being with his friends, working on the farm and being in Agri Club. One of Caleb’s favorite instructors is Faron Usrey because he likes having his uncle as a teacher. Caleb says the thing he likes most about Northark is that you always see a familiar face. To Caleb, being a Pioneer means pursuing an education and exploring new paths.
Harrison’s Kayla Caviness is the mother of Emily, Hunter, Elizabeth, Dalton and Hank Caviness. Kayla represents FBLA Collegiate. She is a sophomore majoring in Information Technologies and looks forward to becoming a full-time realtor at Re-Max Unlimited in Harrison. Her kids are her motivation because she wants to provide a better future for them, which pushes her to strive for success and overcome challenges. “The thing I enjoy the most about Northark is the welcoming atmosphere,” Kayla noted. “I will never forget all the smiling faces, the compassion, and all the help offered to me as well as what I have witnessed for other students. So many students and employees at Northark have a special place in my heart.” Cody Wyly will escort Kayla.
Cody Wyly will represent FBLA Collegiate and is the son of Robert and Cherri Smith. Cody is originally from La Porte Indiana and now lives in Diamond City, AR. Cody is a sophomore, pursuing an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Technology. After graduation this summer, he plans to work full time while pursuing more IT certifications along the way. His goal is to find a career in Cybersecurity. What he loves most about Northark is the staff and support from all his advisors. To Cody, being a Pioneer means to pave the way for a better future for himself, his son, and his family. His biggest influence during his time at Northark has been Rick Williams. Cody says, “Getting to know him and learning from him has been a pleasure. He makes learning at Northark fun.” Cody enjoys gaming as well as the outdoors in the summer.

Cayley Patrick is the daughter of Brad and Jennifer Patrick and is from Valley Springs, Arkansas. Cayley will represent the Lady Pioneer’s. Cayley is a sophomore and plans to attend nursing school. Cayley likes sleeping, playing basketball, and having the opportunity to meet new people. Her favorite teacher/instructor is her coach, Bobby Howard. To her, being a Pioneer means helping the community she grew up in, in ways she could not before. Trey Pulford will be escort Cayley.
Trey Pulford is the son of Chad and Michelle Pulford and is from Springfield, MO. Trey will represent men’s basketball. He is a sophomore and plans to transfer to receive his bachelor’s degree after graduating from Northark. Trey says, “what I like most about Northark is how friendly and outgoing the staff are, as they encourage you to strive to be better than you were the day before.” Trey’s favorite teachers and staff are the ladies in the Learning Resource Center, as they always have a smile on their faces, and are eager to help, whether it is looking for a book, or checking out a hotspot, they are always there to help with a positive attitude. His favorite things are sleeping, playing basketball, and hanging out with the guys from the team. Trey says, “being a Pioneer is about being able to lend a helping hand to your friends/community to make it a safer and better place.”
Andrew Beckner is the son of Jaon and Kathy Beckner and is from Marshfield, Missouri. Andrew will represent the baseball team where he plays second base and right field. Andrew likes to work out, and loves being active outside during reasonable temperatures. He is a freshman working towards an Associate of Arts Degree from Northark and plans to transfer to complete a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. His favorite things about Northark are playing baseball and not having class on Fridays. Andrew says that being a Pioneer means working hard to achieve your goals.
Jude White is the son of Jason and Kristy White and is from Booneville, Mississippi. Jude represents the baseball team where he plays third place. Jude enjoys the outdoors, including hunting and fishing. What Jude likes most about Northark is the all-around hospitality. Being a Pioneer means a lot to Jude. He says that it has built his character in so many ways. Jude’s biggest influence is his coach, Karsten Leigvold. Jude says, “Coach has taught me so much about discipline, working hard and setting a high standard for myself.” Jude is a freshman business major, with plans to transfer to a university to earn his bachelor’s degree.
The Homecoming King and Queen are elected by a popular vote of the Northark Student Body. The Homecoming King will receive an engraved watch and the queen will receive roses and a crown.