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Nars is a bucket list visit for locals


WOOLUM — The beautiful Richland Valley offers many different adventures in Searcy County.
One of those is the Nars that is located near the swimming area of Woolum.
Essentially the Nars (or Narrows for the sophisticated people) is a very narrow place between the Buffalo National River and a large pasture that has been owned by Boone County residents before moving from Searcy County.
It is a bluff can be crossed despite it being three-foot wide. It has a panoramic view of the valley below and a stretch of the Buffalo River.
The hike can be very short or very long depending on what Mother Nature has produced in rain.
After parking at the Woolum access area, there is a short hike to the river. The Nars are located across the river from this area.
The Woolum area can be reached by turning south in St. Joe at the posted signs that take visitors to the creek.
If hiking when the river is down, travel upstream about .05 of a mile and cross the river there. It is more shallow. Of course, remember that the bed of the river changes often, so look for the best area to cross.
Once visitors are across the river, the trail is Searcy County 14 road. Take this road and there will be a place to park at the bottom of the NARS.
If in a Jeep and the water is low, hikers can drive across the river and park at the bottom of the bluff.
There is also a backdoor entrance to the Nars that can provide a fun afternoon of travel and adventure.

This adventure starts on Highway 65 South. After reaching Highway 74 or the Snowball exit, take this road until it reaches Snowball. Turn right at the stop sign and then immediately turn left on the dirt road.
Take this road for 5.1 miles. The first 2.9 miles is a climb to the top of the Point Peter Mountain. The last 2.2 miles is a decline from the mountain. At the top of the Point Peter Mountain there is a trail that takes visitors to two different points on the mountain. The first is Rollins Point and the second is Point Peter.
Both overlooks face east and give a magnificent view of the valley.
After traveling down the mountain. There will be a sign for Searcy County Road 14. Take this turn.
The road is very bumpy. After traveling .6 of a mile visitors reach Richland Creek.
This creek is crossable with the right vehicle. However, if attempting this hike after a day of rain may change plans.
From this point, it is a very long 3.7 mile
hike on a very good country road.
Once arriving at the Nars. The real hike or climb begins.
It is a very short hike to the top, but visitors should be very sure-footed and taking a walking stick with them will help.
Once on the top of the bluff, the valley on the east and the river on the west lay before the visitors. It is a wonderful view of nature.