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It’s always Trump’s fault, right?


It’s a good thing Donald Trump doesn’t own one of the Super Bowl teams.
If he did, people would already be rioting in the streets of Las Vegas, demanding that the NFL call off next weekend’s big game.
The liberal media would be cheering on the rioters, as usual.
CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post – they and their fellow Trump Haters in the media would be calling for the game not to be televised or at least moved to Moscow.
The Kansas City Trumpers? No way.
In 2024 America, Donald Trump would never be allowed to get his hands or name on a NFL franchise.
Democrats in Congress, the FBI, the United Nations, an assistant district attorney in Buffalo, Taylor Swift – somebody in power would make sure of that.
But believe it or not, Trump is not just the madman from New York who his political enemies say tried to destroy democracy in America and has plans to install himself as a dictator this fall.
According to leftist Democrats and the liberal media, Trump is to blame for everything that’s gone wrong in the world since he left office in January of 2021.
Apparently, it was Trump’s fault we screwed up the war on COVID.
Apparently, it was Trump’s fault we totally botched our withdrawal from Afghanistan.
And apparently, it was Trump’s fault our economy was wrecked by high inflation, our election results became untrustworthy and our greatest cities have become centers of lawlessness and disorder.
None of that was the fault of Joe Biden, right?
Biden and the progressive Democrats have had nothing to do with any of our other current problems at home and in the Middle East or the national news media would have told us about it, right?
Everything everywhere all the time apparently has been Trump’s fault, and now that includes the hottest issue in the coming election — the border.

If you only watch CNN, MSNBC or the major TV networks, where they say everything on the border is going fine, you’ve probably never heard the phrase “Every state is a border state now.”
But you’d realize what that means real fast if you took a stroll in downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City or Philadelphia and saw the thousands of “asylum seekers” fresh from the Southern border.
The left tries to tell us illegal immigrants have suddenly arrived here by the millions because Donald Trump has refused to allow MAGA Republicans in Congress to pass a bill that Joe Biden could sign that gives him the power to pass a law to fix the border.
Even our confused pretend president believes that myth.
The other day he claimed he’s been asking Congress for a border bill to sign since his first day in office, but that’s pure bull.
If we had an honest media, they would point out that in his first week Biden signed executive orders that blew the doors to our Southern border wide open.
He spent money to tear down the new parts of the wall that had already been built. He reinstated “catch and release” rules at the border and he took away the “stay in Mexico” policy.
He did that in the first week….
By executive fiat, Biden cancelled everything to do with immigration that President Trump had put in place. He did it out of political spite.
He could undo all of his harmful executive orders tomorrow and put the border back to where it was when he found it, but he never will.
I’m not a favorite of Donald Trump.
Am I happy with all the crazy things he says? No. Do I like everything he does – or has done? No.
Do I like how he’s taken over the Republican Party? No. Do I have a problem with his MAGA Republicans? Yes. Do I think some of them are completely nuts? Yes.
But if in November my choice is between Joe Biden or Donald Trump, I’ll vote for nuts. In a heartbeat.

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