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Guest column: Private matter or public crisis?


Violence, especially domestic violence, is a very uncomfortable topic. Survivors of domestic violence face numerous challenges when trying to address the abuse they have experienced all while trying to move forward to a future that is violence free. This is where shelters come into play. Domestic Violence shelters were first designed to offer immediate residential support to those survivors who no longer feel safe in their own home, beyond this there is more than meets the eye.
Here in our community, Sanctuary provides more than just a warm meal, a bed to sleep on, and a place to clean their clothes. Advocates are trained to provide services that ideally meet the unmet needs of the clients and their children. This includes acquiring important documents, applying for government programs, getting health insurance, addressing health needs, seeking employment, finding housing, and so much more. The end goal is to provide an empowerment model to the survivor, so they leave with the tools to break the cycle.
Sanctuary may be a short-term housing option for those survivors, but the assistance that is provided does not end when they walk away from the shelter. Our goal is to prevent family violence and encourage a collective public effort to eliminate domestic violence and abuse from the community.
Some of the services that Sanctuary provides:
24 Hour Crisis Hotline
Support Group
Children’s Advocacy

Outreach Services
Continuing Education
Assistance with Protective Orders
Dating Violence Education in area schools
We are a 501 c 3 non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors.
8 staff Members run the shelter that is open 24/7 - 5 Full-Time & 3 Part-Time
Sanctuary is the only Shelter in a four-county region (We cover Boone, Newton, Carroll and Marion counties).