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America is resilient


This week, we came together to celebrate the land we call home. Unfortunately, a dark cloud of failed economic policies gloomed overhead for many friends and families as they gathered to enjoy the holiday. According to the American Farm Bureau, this Fourth of July was the most expensive in history.
The skyrocketing costs at the grocery store (20% higher than in 2021) are only the tip of the iceberg of challenges facing American families struggling to make ends meet. With record-high gas prices, increased crime nationwide, and the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border, parents are more concerned than ever for the safety and security of their families. The current Administration has failed time and time again to prioritize the needs of everyday Americans and would rather appease its extremist base. American families are fed up, and it’s time for change.
Through responsible policies like the Lower Energy Costs Act, Secure the Border Act, Fiscal Responsibility Act, and more, we can secure the border, create more high-quality jobs, curb wasteful government spending, restore fiscal sanity; and contrary to the argument of the radical left, we can actually make our environment cleaner and safer through sound common sense conservation policies versus the pie in the sky wishlists of the left.
If there’s one lesson to be learned from U.S. history, it’s the resilience of our nation. In these challenging times, I’m especially thankful for the